I just had multiple procedures done by Dr. T. I can't say enough about how they made me feel taken care of. I read the negative critics here and am so dismayed. Most of them are about Botox and that they don't like his personality. It is clear to me that he loves doing what he does and has a vision for the work he is planning. That may come across to some as not being interested in the patient but I strongly disagree. He is a busy man and seems busy and that may also be interpreted as a slight to overly sensitive patients. But what they see is a man who is passionate about his work. He is has a big heart and cares deeply about his work and his patients.

The entire staff is very dedicated and have gone so far above and beyond to take care of me in my after surgery care. That is the real kicker here, This man is an excellent plastic surgeon being slammed for Botox shots of all things. They have shown beyond doubt that their first priority is what is best for me. I can't thank them enough. And as another person wrote, I do kinda feel like family.
Signe V.

I refer a lot of my clients and they are extremely happy!!!!! Check him out and you too might be happy.
Kettelie S.

I must say, I have been going to DR. T for over 10 years now, I have sent 3 girlfriends to him too, They all love his chest MAGIC too. I am 45 put look 32 years old. Thanks, DR T !!

People say wow John what have you done to look so FRESH and ALIVE. I just say find DR. T in Bev Hills and you will find out how too!! Thanks, DR. T and see you again in 5 years or so!!
John J.

Recently I was referred to Dr. Takowsky for a breast augmentation. It has now been just over two months and I am thrilled with my new chest. This was the first summer in over 15 years that I have looked my absolute best and felt so comfortable in a bikini. All thanks to Dr. Takowsky! I can't recommend him more highly!!
Two thumbs up! Five stars all the way!
Mary M.

I interviewed and met with different plastic surgeons before deciding to go with Dr. Takowsky. A couple of my friends were very happy with the procedures they had and he came highly recommended to me. I made my first appointment, met with Dr. T and after seeing his before and after photos of liposuction results I knew this is where I felt most comfortable. After having liposuction, I am now considering other procedures. It has only been six weeks and I'm already thinking of what else I need to have done. Dr. Takowsky was very easy to talk to and I immediately felt at ease and in the hands of a capable surgeon.
Linda G.

I can't speak highly enough for Dr. Takowsky and my own personal experience with him, his staff and my results from my tummy tuck 5 months ago. Just returned from Hawaii and my best friend couldn't get over how good I looked so soon after surgery.

I have all positive interactions with Dr. Takowsky and his very POLITE and GENUINELY CONCERNED staff, who I called several times just for some TLC, since I have no family in California. Dr. Takowsky is an extremely proficient surgeon who takes a lot of pride in his work and cares about his patients. Just meeting other patients during my follow up exams, they are all very happy to show off their bodies and agree with me, that their same experience has also been positive. Working in the service industry myself, I know how important it is to deliver exceptional service as well as quality work. I am so grateful to have had both from Dr. Takowsky and his staff.
Rachel V.

I had a consult with Dr. Takowsky and completely enjoyed every moment of it. He made me feel very comfortable, seeing as I was going in for a breast augmentation and was self conscious about my chest. The staff there were friendly and nice to me.

In the consultation his right index finger is bigger and thicker than the left, thus showing he has experience. He proceeded to show me his before and after book. Which by the way was UNBELIEVABLE!! It was about 10 inches thick full of procedures and things you wouldn't and couldn't imagine. There were even some X-Rated procedures that were amazing.

Amongst the consult he took his time with me and asked me questions about me and also told me a little about himself. He is quite personable. I couldn't believe how well he played the keyboard. Besides the plastic surgery he has another talent. It was beautiful and made me feel at ease once I heard him start playing. I also found out he composed 2 songs that are played by the Prague Symphony. Listen for yourselves on blusky.com
He also has 6 BOYS. One of which has amazing talent as well. He showed me some of his sons artwork.... Also breath taking. Its amazing how creative he is. He also has a patent for a 5 prong penne fork and a game ball system. I thought that was well rounded.

I found all this out about my Dr. and it made me feel closer to him and more comfortable. All these negative reviews were appalling. I didn't get one ounce of negativity from his office staff or him. And by the way the sweaty and fat comments are untrue. Dr. Takowsky plays tennis every morning and even has his own tennis book.

So I know this is quite a review but I just want to let people know Dr. Takowsky is a well rounded and talented doctor. I enjoyed my experience and i really got to know somethings about him which hel
Brittni K.

My experience was wonderful! He always had my best interest in mind and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Takowsky to my friends and family.
Sam B.

Dr. Takowsky is an absolute magician. I cannot thank him enough for the work that he did on me, and that's from my heart. Everywhere I am, I get a lot of compliments, and I mean a lot, but this all goes back to Dr. Takowsky. I am so happy with the work that he did on me, he knows exactly what to do to make a woman look beautiful. YELP, I've heard about your class action lawsuit on the news for removing good reviews, you remove this one and it'll just add to that lawsuit.
Nancy N.

My experience was a good one. Dr. Takowsky performed surgery on my upper and lower lids. On another occasion I had lipo and cheek fat pads removed. Both surgeries were done within the past few months. This doctor and his office staff were very down to earth and made me feel comfortable going in to surgery. It's also good to know that there are lots of before and after pics in his office so you can see his past work. And his pricing is affordable. Dr. Takowsky's suggestions were right on during consultation and I love my results.

Dr. T provides personal attention to every patient. Sometimes that means that he runs behind schedule but I'd rather have a doctor who answers all my questions and makes me comfortable than someone who rushes me out the door just to keep a schedule. Dr. T treats the entire person and not just the "problem" area. He truly wants all of his patients to be happy and feel empowered after their procedures. He never once made me feel anything but comforted.

I won't go into details about my procedure but I can say that I went to several plastic surgeons and NONE could do the procedure the way that Dr. T did! He managed to give me the exact results I wanted with minimal scarring!! I'm so happy with the results that I recommend him to anyone who needs any cosmetic surgery. If you want a doctor who will spend the time to ensure you have the results you want, then go to Dr. T... you won't be disappointed.

Updated 12/27/12: I just had another procedure done with Dr. T. He is a very skilled surgeon with amazing attention to detail. I look better than I've ever looked in my life and I'm truly happy with the results. I don't know why Yelp isn't allowing the positive reviews to show on his page. No one business is right for everyone which is why we go to sites like this. I NEVER TRUST ANY YELP PAGE THAT IS 100% GOOD OR 100% BAD BECAUSE THAT MEANS SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON. An honest page will have some good and some bad... that's normal. The key is to see what each one says to determine relevance. Almost ALL of the bad reviews related to BOTOX. I had REAL PROCEDURES where I was under general anesthesia. There is a big difference.
Cynthia A.

I went to Dr. Takowsky with a serious problem and major complications from a previous procedure by another doctor. He made me feel very confident and secure that he would be able to not only correct the problem but give me results far better than I was hoping for. He was very patient, answered all of my questions and most importantly as far as the procedure, he delivered what he promised!! Gorgeous results and I compliment almost every day!

The aftercare was amazing - Renae, the Office Manager is so sweet and sincere, she and Dr. T. were absolutely dedicated to me being as comfortable as possible during my recovery. And 6 months later, I still and will always feel like I can call the office and/or be seen right away with any questions or concerns! I have already referred Dr. Takowsky to more than one friend and I will continue to do so. Thank you, Dr. T.!!
Lisette P.

One of the best experiences of my life was meeting Dr. Gary Takowsky and his staff. Have no idea why other people can say such demeaning things here on Yelp as he is one of the most professional & knowledgeable doctors I have ever met. He worked on my eyes and they turned out exactly as he had envisioned. He also worked on giving Botox to my girlfriend and she loved what he did! The staff there including Rene, are some of the nicest people you could ever want to deal and this is one doctor I will recommend to all of my friends. Dr. Takowsky wanted to make sure we both looked our best and I have never felt more comfortable with any kind of doctor in my life!! Highly recommended!!!
Scott S.

I had my nose done here in 1996 to get the bridge and the nostrils made smaller. It looks completely natural and I love my results...

The doctor has many before and after photos in his office and makes you feel really comfortable with your decision before going forward with your procedure.
Baptiste A.

Dr. Takowsky has a very good touch I did Lipo, breast, facelift, the recovery time is amazing I was back to work in 5 days! In this economic time, off from work is very limited so the fact that I could be back to work soon was great. His work is so natural no one could tell I did my facelift I just received so many compliments like you look so refreshed and about 10 years younger. That is how a proper surgery should be when people can tell you look stretched and unnatural that is when you sho
Pilar H.

On my way home from the after party of a wedding, I had slipped in the rain and fell directly on my chin. It was badly busted up, and though it had stopped bleeding, I really wanted to avoid a facial scar at all costs - the wedding wasn't my own and I'm still on the market. I found Dr. Takowsky through some trusted recommendations, and he was able to see me the following day.

The office is easy to find and in a nice building, and the waiting room is very cozy. I didn't feel the need for privacy, but I got the sense that the place was designed with discretion in mind for those patients that really needed it.

I found Dr. T to be a very interesting and funny guy, and moments after my arrival I was laying on his operating table trying not to act scared of his needle full of local. Turns out, the shot and procedure were completely painless, despite the fact that Dr. T expertly sliced the edges of the wound and then stitched them back together. There was very little pain that night, and a few days later, the stitches were out.

I wanted to wait and see how the wound healed before leaving my review, and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the results. The scar is basically invisible, and people have a hard time finding it - even when I point it out to them.

I would recommend Dr. T to anyone because his attention to detail and the preciseness of his work was evident to me, even after a short visit
Adam D.

I've been coming to Dr. Takowsky for nearly 15 years. He and his staff of professionals are a joy and I obviously trust my life in their hands. I first came to Dr. Takowsky after losing a bunch of weight and completely losing my breasts with the weight loss. He gave me breast implants and a leg lift to get rid of the extra skin. I had the surgery on a Friday and was back at work on Monday! Of course, everyone is different, but I have never experienced any pain or discomfort after his surgeries that set me back from my normal routine. I've since had a few lipo procedures that have completely reshaped my body for the better. I can only say good things about Dr. Takowsky and his team.
Nicole S.

I was recently traveling for work and had an unfortunate mishap involving a poorly place cable and a (soon to be broken) glass. The result was a very deep and unsightly cut above my lip about an inch long. I was out of the country at the time and not excited about the potential long-term appearance of facial stitches from a probably capable but not aesthetically-focused ER doc.

My next stop on the work trip was LA. I live in NYC, wouldn't be home for another week and was becoming increasingly concerned with the healing/scarring progress on my face. I was referred to Dr. Takowsky by a colleague who spoke highly of him. I called the office and explained my situation. Given my tight schedule, Dr. Takowsky was kind enough to accommodate me first thing in the morning. Even if he did half as good of a job as he ultimately did, this alone would have been more than enough to exceed my expectations.

Dr. Takowsky and his staff were extremely friendly and pleasant. Despite my last minute appointment the doctor never made me feel rushed or like I wasn't a top priority. I was in and out of the office in about an hour and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. People who saw me shortly after the accident and now more recently cant believe how amazing I have healed. What was previously a deep cut that was heading into a likely permanent and obvious scar is now already barely noticeable.

Being from out of town, Dr. Takowsky and his staff had me send pictures of my progress on an almost daily basis. They even set me up with an appointment in NYC with a plastic surgeon to properly remove the stitches. The doctor in NY even commented on what a great job Dr. Takowsky did.

With all the terrible stories you hear about doctors not caring about their patients, my experience with Dr. Takowsky was so refreshing. From fitting me in at the last minute to multiple follow-ups cross country I cant say I've ever had an experience where a physician seemed to care so much about how I was doing.

Highly Recommended
Alex S.

I was visiting Dr. Takowsky's office last month. I am not typically a big person to write a lot of yelp comments. However, when I have outstanding service I feel obliged.
Esp. when I just read the comments on my own on this forum. I am so confused about them?

I can understand that getting anything done to your body or face is a scary thought. However, when you rest assured that you are in good hands it can help a lot. I recommend Gary because he took the time to explain what he was doing, and how much etc. I have been a model for some time, and I realized that constantly looking into the sun during photoshoots was causing squinting marks between my eyebrows. I didn't know what to expect from him, but I will say that he did not leave the smallest bruise, and the results looked perfect. I have been to one person before him that was highly recommended in Bev Hills and he left bruising. Obviously, I can't have that with my work.

I know others that have been to Dr. T for other procedures, and they were too very satisfied with the results.

I feel that nature is the best way, and when you can't tell what you had done, but that you just look refreshed and younger...well what better result would one want :)

I for one give him two thumbs up and would not see anyone else. Thanks, Dr. T!
Amber A.

Just had lipo done by Dr. Gary Takowsky. My second surgery with him. His office is pretty casual and I like his staff. You can not beat his prices! Yes, he acts very confidently and I like that about him, funny too. He did a fantastic job on my body and I saved thousands. I'm giving him the 5 stars because of the results and the price, not the lack of fluff in between. It's not posh like some other expensive Beverly Hills offices but it works great for me and I've recommended him to all my friends.
Karen B.

I got AWESOME results! I loved my experience at Dr. Takowsky's office! I got a tummy tuck and some liposuction. After having kids my tummy was fat and flabby and now it is tight and firm like when I was a teenager! I finally have a waistline again! I love it and can't wait to show it off this summer at the beach! Dr. Takowsky was very patient and answered all of my questions and concerns and he made me look great! I loved him and the staff! It's not your typical stuffy doctor's office...everybody is friendly, kind and laid back. Renae was wonderful in explaining the surgery and recovery and she helped me with my payment options...which were interest-free! Robbie was so sweet to me in recovery...she never left my side and even said a prayer for me. My whole experience was wonderful and now I am thinking about getting my eyes done...I just turned 50 and would love to see how Dr. Takowsky can make my face look fabulous too! I am now his biggest fan!
Laurie K.

Dr. Takowsky has always been a complete professional with me and all of my friends and referral over the last 20 years. One friend in particular after the blepharoplasty thought her eyes made her look 15 years younger.I have to say they did. His follow up with me and my friends have always been 1st class and extremely thorough. After having my finger sliced off in my girlfriend's car door, he fixed me up and I was able to keep the cut portion. THANKS, GARY!
Michael P.

I have seen Dr. Takowsky for the past 14 years. He's one of the best out there. I had surgery five years ago and have minor procedures such as Botox and Restylane a few times a year. I think he is fantastic. He is a true artist who knows just how far to take a procedure for a great result without going too far. He has a strong aesthetic sensibility and is very professional. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so without hesitation.

I had my nose done by Dr. Takowsky and I love my results!! It is totally natural looking and most people don't even know I had it done, which is a total compliment to me... :)
Patty K.

Dr. Takowsky is an amazing surgeon...way ahead of his time! He helped me to correct a couple of problem areas with little to no downtime or pain. His staff is exceptionally experienced and caring. Put this all together with a beautiful office in a great location and he's the total package!
Yvette H.

Hello, I am very pleased with Dr. Takowsky. His office is very soothing and relaxed with nice music playing. He has a great taste in art from the moment you walk into entering the operating room.

I recently went to Dr. T for Surgery for a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. I have wanted this surgery for years and finally did it. I could not be happier. I had a particularly difficult case because one of my breasts was severely "tubular." Actually, it is called a tubular breast deformity. I consulted with three different surgeons, All of them told me I needed to have realistic expectations and that I would see an improvement, but it would not be perfect. One of the doctors told me even after the surgery, they would not look normal. I left his office in tears. I immediately wrote Dr. Takowsky an email telling him what happened and he called me on my cell phone within 5 minutes! He listened to me as I told him what happened, and as I cried and expressed all my fears. he did not criticize the other doctor, he reassured me, and I felt so much better. He did reiterate that I did have a difficult case and needed to be realistic but that I would have an improvement. I went in the next day to Duet for a final consult and to schedule the surgery. Well, Dr. Takowsky is a genius! My breasts - both of them - are beautiful! The tummy tuck turned out great as well. He is technically adept, an artist in his work cares deeply, is committed to his patients, and has a huge heart. What an amazing combination. Other pluses: Two surgeons in the operating room. He operates along with Renee who is also wonderful. They have a great anesthesiologist, Dr, who had me cracking up laughing when he called me the night before the surgery, and unparalleled follow up care. Dr. Takowsky came to my house the day after the surgery, and I regularly receive texts from him checking up on me in between visits. He is a superb surgeon and a loving human being. I feel so lucky and would recommend him without reservation.

I am really thinking about visiting him again in the future for any work that I need done. I am extremely satisfied. Thanks, Dr. T!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Kim C.


Dr. Takowsky is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I have been a client of his since 2001. It was my son, Maurice Mendoza, a television actor from the Power Rangers, who introduced me to the doctor. My face is an important tool in my line of work as well. So having the right surgeon is vital. Through the years the doctor has performed several facial surgeries on me, always with great results. He has the most incredible hands, second to none.

As for the staff, they too are all seasoned veterans and have been with the doctor for years. Renae Kaufman, the office manager, is a very caring and delightful person to work with. She will make things happen---what a blessing. As for any procedural price, they are affordable, a fraction of what the norm is. Do your own research and you will find that Dr. Takowsky is an affordable and highly skilled surgeon.
Joe M.

I just had a tummy tuck, liposuction of the back and inner thigh 3 weeks ago although I'm still swollen my results are turning out great my stomach is flatter and my legs or thinner Dr. Takowsky and his staff are great. I had another doctor in mind but I did not like the fact that after the surgery the doctor wanted me to pay for a hotel to stay overnight and he would come check on you the next morning I thought that was insanely crazy anything can happen and I would not have known what to do but with Dr.Takowsky you stay overnight and he has a nurse that stays with you who is very sweet and kind hearted any questions you have she will answer them thoroughly and I also like the fact when I went home I got very dizzy I thought I was about to pass out I called the Dr's office and there was someone to answer every concern I had every time I called and let me tell you I called at least 4 times within 2 weeks oh and by the way my tummy tuck score is so then it's amazing I love it I would definitely recommend friends and family too Dr. Takowsky
Kathy N.

I had a facelift and other cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Gary Takowsky and I see now I have found great results. He is a great plastic surgeon as I can not believe how well this went. I had come to him with a few problems caused by another surgeon and Dr. Takowsky resolved these issues as well other great results... I cannot believe how well this went.

Dr. Takowsky has a very private office in Beverly Hills and this place has its own surgical clinic as well. This was all done on site as I spent the night in his post-operative care center where they took care of me. They fed me and did the ice packing as well around the clock care all went very well. He is the best plastic surgeon around. I am very much impressed
Jeff S.

I have seen Dr. T in the past for under eyelid surgery, botox etc. The eyelid surgery was such an improvement on my baggy lower lids, I love it. I am now 55 and I have the jowls that drive me nuts and the marionette lines from my lips to my jaw. I had a consultation with a small facelift. It was just about a 1 1/2" incisions in the hair of my temple and a neck tightening with incisions in the hairline of the back of my neck. It was done under local anesthesia. I am a big chicken but more vain so I had it done. The numbing shots hurt more than the procedure. I was finished by 8 pm and back at work by noon the next day. No one at my work noticed the stitches but they said I looked good. I don't have the jowls or the marionette lines. I look years younger. You can have all the facials and special creams in the whole world and you will not get the results like this. It was just a 2-hour procedure.
Heather C.

I recently had gynecomastia with Dr. Takowsky and I am so happy with my results. It looks completely natural like I've had nothing done. I went to a few different doctors for consultations and felt most comfortable with Dr. Takowsky and really liked all his before and after photos. He really is an artist
Telly K.

I was referred to Dr. Takowsky for a Mimi tuck. I'm a fitness instructor and have always wanted my stomach to look great in a bikini. I have never had any kind of plastic surgery and was very hesitant at first. However, my friend insisted that I go for a consultation. Well, I did and it was the best decision I've made. The staff is professional and very helpful. The consultation was very enlightening and by the good doctor being a tennis player, we talked about health and fitness too. I had my surgery in October, and love my results and so does my bikini. Thank you Dr. Takowsky, you are truly amazing.
Yvonne G.

I've had several procedures performed by Dr. Takowsky, including corrective procedures for work done by other plastic surgeons. The results were amazing!!Much better than I expected!! The staff is great and supportive. I totally recommend Dr. Takowsky, a highly talented and well regarded plastic surgeon.
Daniel G.

I have had three procedures done here and will go nowhere else. I am at the point with Dr. T. that I have great confidence in his ability and trust him explicitly. I even referred my eighty-year-old mother to him. He corrected a botched procedure by two other doctors! I know that no other doctor could handle her situation. The team is fabulous, the results are out of this world! I thank the lucky stars that I found Dr. Takowsky as he has changed my life!!!
Miss F.

My experience with Dr. T. has existed for over 20 years! During that time I have had several procedures performed from a Tummy Tuck to fillers for my face. I must say that each procedure was approached by Dr. T. and his staff with the utmost professional attitude and care! Each step the procedure was explained and if I had extra questions, either Dr. T or the staff would make sure I got my answer! The results the procedures have ranged from good to fantastic! I am a 70-year-old woman who still looks 50 thanks to Dr. Takowski (he's kind of a miracle physician who cares!
Vivian A.

I just want to tell anyone who needs a review about Doc T should read this. He is an amazing and talented plastic surgeon. I had a friend who's mom went to him and I was able to see the results which impressed me. So at 62 yrs, I de used to have a facelift by him. Not only did he do a fantastic, but the price was incredible and he didn't mess with my face muscle, my choice. Then a year later I decide to get a boob job and once again, they are perfect. Very very happy. Now, I had a friend who some other doctor gave her a botched boob job. She tried several other plastic surgeons and NONE wanted to fix the mess of another doctor. I told my friend about doctor Takowsky so she went to him and he said he would fix the other doctor's botched job. The job was not only a success but she is excited about the new look and she is now pain-free. Doctor Takowsky knows his stuff and I highly recommend and trust his work. I also would like lastly to say that his staff is amazing. Everyone cares so deeply about the patient. The staff will go way beyond their way to make sure everything is okay and how we feel. So go ahead, go have that surgery. You will be so satisfied with doctor Takowsky!!!!!!!!
Mary M.

Thank you so much, Dr. Talowsky for the work you have done for me I will definitely refer you to my family and friends. One amazing doctor thank you thank you a million times
Sandra R.

I have had 5 surgeries with Dr. T and I am happy with all of them. I love the staff and Renee his office manager is amazing. The nurses are great and he's been wonderful. I love all my results from all his surgeries! Very happy with the results and his prices are very fair. I highly recommend him
Francine K.

I have had multiple procedures done and have been a patient since 1994. I am thrilled with all my results and will continue to have all my surgeries done with Dr. Takowsky! He has a very artistic eye and knows the aesthetics of the face and body. My breasts are soft and natural looking, and most people are shocked when they find out I've had an breast augmentation!! He has wonderful before and after photos and spends a lot of time during your consultation explaining the procedures to you and making you feel comfortable. I look forward to more procedures in the future!!!!!
Francine K.

I can not speak highly enough about Gary Takowsky. When I first went to him, he performed blepharoplasty and tightened my face with very few incisions. I had researched a lot of doctors at the time (9) in Beverly Hills and checked him out through the Board of Plastic Surgery amongst other things. I saw a few doctors for consultation before I decided on him. One of the things I liked is that he did not hesitate to completely detail out the procedure on exactly what he was going to do and answered every question in as much depth as I wanted. His confidence really stood out, and I felt that he would know what to do in a pinch if needed. He had taken fat out from under my eyes and it is disgressionary on how many pockets they should take out, so as to get the best aesthetic look. He did the right and perfect amount. I have seen very well to do people with too much taken out and it just looked awful, but that would never happen with him. He has an artistic eye, and I was very specific to tell him that I wanted to look exactly like me but just younger and he did a spectacular job in achieving the results as I wanted. I have been to him since for two different lifts, and I trust him implicitly through my own experience and also because he also has such a wide range of medical knowledge that he is very well versed on rather than just being an expert on plastic surgery. Let's just say his knowledge goes way beyond the mandatory continuing education that all doctors have to do. I went under general anesthesia the first time, and decided to go under locals the two other times, and believe it or not, I enjoyed the operating environment with good conversation, good soothing music and appreciation of the brightness, cleanliness and just overall professional but friendly environment.

The follow-up care has been great, as again, he takes a lot of time with you. His waiting room is very welcoming, comfortable, nice and well appointed but I really wouldn't care about that anyway, because I judge a doctor on his/her merits. It's just a bonus, and he is not a run of the mill surgeon. He is actually the only person I would trust my life with. I would never hesitate to go to him and I will as I age
Lori H.

I’m very excited about my results with Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty. Dr. Takowsky is an excellent plastic surgeon and I recommend him to everyone I know wanting cosmetic surgery. I hope he never retires!
Erin Keepers

I was referred by a friend who went to Dr. Takowsky for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck and went in for a consult myself, needless to say I am so glad I went to him!!! I got the mommy makeover package, which is the tummy tuck, BBL and breast lift. And let me tell you...I feel like my 21-year-old self again!

Dr. Takowsky's manners and professionalism makes you feel comfortable and at ease and he always answered any questions and concerns I had before and after surgery. You can really tell how genuine he is about his work, his patients and changing people's lives for the better.

I'm really satisfied and happy with my outcome. Thank you Dr. Takowsky for all that you do.

I would definitely recommend him to anybody considering plastic surgery!
Morley T. (from Yelp)

I love Dr. Takowsky. I recently had a rhinoplasty consultation with him and was very impressed with his knowledge and portfolio. While I was there I asked about removing some moles. He has this amazing machine that literally zapped the moles away. I was so impressed how they healed, especially around my face that I recommend him to a friend that also had some moles to be removed. She has since been and we both want to go back for more.
Liza A. (from Yelp)

I love Dr. Takowsky and Renee his partner. They really took time with me during my appointments to ascertain and guide me through what I needed, and I love the results.

Not to mention I paid Dr. Takowsky under half of what I had been quoted from other doctors for only a fraction of what he did. Like the other reviewer I felt cared for - not like if I want this it's going to cost this much, or if I want that it'll be an extra so and so... NOT AT ALL. He assessed the whole picture and gave me an EXTREMELY reasonable package price. Actually there was one more thing I wanted and he cut the price in half from what he originally quoted so I could be completely satisfied. In fact, he also encouraged me to do a little something special, and that would cost the same whether or not I did it. I am so happy I did and especially I feel so great that he talked me into it.

I am so shocked because other facilities seemed all about the bottom line and Dr. Takowsky was more concerned with the whole picture. Being a Doctor he saw things I couldn't (or wouldn't) see and worked with me so I could afford it. Thank you!!!
Kirsten D. (from Yelp)

I am so happy!! Seriously, Dr. T is a genius. what I have learned about most of these procedures is that it is a process and it takes tweaking to get the best results. You will look better than you did when you came in but it may take another go round to get where you want to be. Rome was not built in a day and your butt lift was not either. If you are 50 and you want to look 25, expect it to take more than 24 hours. It will be worth it!
Sheryl H. (from Yelp)

I have had 3 surgeries from Dr. Takowsky, the last one I'm recovering from now. I was surprised when I read the negative reviews, let me tell you my experience as it was quite different...

(Let me just say, I am terrified of Drs, procedures, all of it, to the point that I feel like I'm going to pass out and I always cry out of fear.)

I was given Dr. Takowsky's name from a friend 6 years ago and was told he was an artist and not to dare go anywhere else (not only that, THEY FINANCE!) I was so excited, I went to see him for breast enlargement (due to breast feeding). The office is run kind of like a family, I was shy at first but you really appreciate that kind of environment you can be yourself in once you get comfortable. I put everything in his hands. The financing went through easily, the surgery went great, I was very nervous and they made me feel totally at home and MY BREASTS WERE BEAUTIFUL! I was so excited, he chose the perfect size, they were done beautifully, they were perfect. THEN... A few days after surgery I accidentally hit my left breast and gave myself a hematoma. When it happened I didn't know what I had done and I was terrified. It was a Sunday, my breast was swelling larger and larger so I went into the office, the Dr. met me, gave me an IV, made sure I was ok to operate on, and because it was Sunday, he rushed me to the emergency room. He took me straight in, spoke to the hospital and they took me directly into surgery in a matter of minutes. The whole time, from the office until I fell asleep on the table, the Dr. was keeping me calm, making me laugh and making me feel totally secure, I literally was not scared (and that is a feat, let me tell you.) It was during those moments that I saw the Dr. I was dealing with, and its not until something like that happens to you that you can feel like you know someones character, I have never been treated in such an amazing way, it makes me cry to this day when I think about it. So I healed from that and again, he did a beautiful job, my left breast looked exactly like my right, no visible scar (not even on my left breast after 2 surgeries), perfect!

6 years later... my breasts still beautiful, I slipped and smashed my right breast. It deflated in a matter of days and I went in to see him. I chose to get both redone, bigger! he gave me a spectacular deal that I couldn't refuse. Again I was scared, again they took care of me, the nurse even held my hand like my mommy until I got put under. I called the dr. twice at home after surgery with questions and he didn't mind at all. I'm a week post op right now and HOLY S*** THEY ARE AMAZING! They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I am contemplating becoming a stripper because I want everyone to see them! Just kidding, but he is an artist. I have found in my klutzy life, that the worse the bedside manner, the better the surgeon. I never knew what people meant when they said "bed side manner" until I got hurt. What it means to me is that they are quirky, maybe a little awkward, definitely unique, and special, and that is just fine by me!... I would never trust anyone else, I wouldn't recommend anyone else, I would take my daughter to him, if he called me today and said I want to give you surgery but I won't tell you what it is, I would do it, that's how much I trust him.
Cari D. (from Yelp)

I got a breast reduction with Dr. Takowsky and I am only one week post-op and I am already in love with the results. He is so talented and knows what he is doing! He has changed my life! I am finally able to be confident with my breasts and not worry about then being too saggy or too big. He has such an amazing personality and gets to know you as a patient. He also has the most amazing office staff. Rene and Emilda made the entire process easier and stress free. I am generally very afraid and nervous when it comes to surgeries but this procedure was such a breeze and I had no problems at all! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Takowsky for any procedure. He knows it all!
N S. (from Yelp)

The scar on the head is almost gone you can barely see it. Penis is constantly getting longer in length. It's crazy. You did an amazing job. I'm so sorry I was skeptical. But I just had to tell you that my best decision was coming to you. Thanks again and take care.

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