Does your fat seem to collect in all the wrong areas? Dr. Gary Takowsky in Beverly Hill, CA can sculpt your body using fat transfer treatments. Fat transfer treatments, also known as fat grafting and fat injections, allow you to transfer fat from one part of your body to another.

Fat grafting and transfer requires an experienced plastic surgeon. Without proper harvesting and placement techniques, your procedure will last for a short period of time without apparent differences. With over 30 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Takowsky uses sophisticated fat grafting that can last a lifetime.

During a fat transfer, Dr. Takowsky will harvest and preserve your fat cells, then inject it into an area lacking volume. The most common fat transfers are from the thighs to the hands, face, hips, labia or buttocks.

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Benefits of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is essentially two procedures in one and carries a lot of benefits. Not only does it allow you to remove excess fat, but it also allows you to fill out areas of your body that are blemished, depressed, or gaunt. Benefits of fat transfer:
  • No rejections or allergic reactions. Unlike dermal fillers, implants, or collagen injections, you do not have to worry about allergic reactions, since your adding organic material back into your body.
  • Long-lasting results. In most situations, the benefits of fat transfers can last a lifetime.
  • Natural-looking results. Fat transfers, especially when administered to the buttocks area, allow patients to achieve natural, aesthetically pleasing results.

Facial Fillers with Fat Grafts in Beverly Hills

As you age, your face and lips can become wrinkly and undefined. Fat grafts use your own body fat to add volume to certain areas of your face. Unlike other dermal fillers, fat grafts are low-risk, rarely becoming rejected or infected. Not to mention, the results of fat grafts are usually permanent.

Typically, Dr. Gary Takowsky uses fat injections at the corners of the mouth as a non-invasive way to treat facial sagging and marionette lines. Fat transfers can also give your lips more definition and fullness without having to worry about rejecting implants or needing to keep up with routine injections.

Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

Are you self-conscious about your wrinkled, sun damaged, or weathered hands? Hand rejuvenation with fat grafts can restore your hands, disguise unsightly tendons and veins, and enhance your skin quality.

Fat grafts can make your hands look younger and smoother, without leaving unsightly scars. Sometimes plastic surgeons use dermal fillers for hand rejuvenations, because they require less recovery time. However, these only restore the volume in your hand for a short period of time. Fat transfers are a permanent solution that require little pain and recovery time.

Butt Enhancement with Fat Transfer

Whether gravity has taken a toll on your buttocks, or you were born with a thin butt, fat grafts will plump and restore the area. Unlike implants, fat grafts are minimally invasive and natural-looking.

Depending on your body goals, Dr. Takowsky will harvest fat from your thighs or abdomen, then properly inject it in small increments with a fine needle to different areas of the buttocks. This way, the fat cells are evenly placed, and the fat cells will not be reabsorbed back into your body. To learn more about the difference types of buttock lifts that we offer at our Beverly Hills practice, click here.

Fat Transfer to Hips (Trochanter)

Fat transfer to the trochanter area, or the area on the sides of your buttocks, can increase the size of your buttocks and give you a beautiful hourglass figure.

Fat transfer to the trochanter area is common in women, who are unhappy with their narrow hips and consider themselves barrel bodied. Sometimes women store their fat in their abdomen, which can make their hips look disproportionate to their bodies. Extracting the fat from the abdomen and injecting it in the hip area can transform your entire body.

Labia Augmentation with Fat Grafting

There are many reasons you might choose fat grafting to your labia. Over time, your labia majora can become deflated, saggy, and unsightly - especially, after having children. Are you self conscious about the physical appearance of your labia?

Fat grafting can correct the proportion of your labia majora, increase firmness, improve its shape, and increase its size. Oftentimes, patients prefer to have fat transferred to the labia majora, as part of a labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

The best candidate for labia augmentations with fat grafts are physically and emotionally healthy with a normal body weight. Depending on your body goals, you can choose to have enough fat removed to be injected into your labia majora, or you can have more fat removed. Fat transfer to the labia majora is usually an outpatient procedure, lasting for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Choosing Dr. Takowsky in Beverly Hills for Fat Grafts

It is important to remember that tummy tuck surgery should not take the place of diet and exercising. While the results of your abdominoplasty will be permanent, the success of your procedure can fall by the wayside, if you continue to have significant fluctuations in you weight.

If you’re planning on losing a significant amount of weight or planning future pregnancies, you might postpone your surgery. It is also important to remember that tummy tuck surgery cannot combat stretch marks. However, stretch marks might be removed or improved, if they are located in the area where excess skin is removed.

Choosing Dr. Gary Takowsky for Your Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills, CA

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon for fat grafts or liposculpture, it is important to find an experienced and detail-oriented provider. For a successful fat transfer, Dr. Gary Takowsky in Beverly Hills uses meticulous techniques to ensure that your fat graft endures and is not reabsorbed back into your body. To learn more about fat grafting or book an appointment, call us today at 323-676-0222.